Why a Solar energy plan?

Solar energy plans are designed to make solar more affordable. Many homeowners who want the benefits of solar energy can’t afford the upfront cost associated with a cash system, so with a solar energy plan, we make the upfront investment. If you qualify, you can get a solar system for $0 down.

Is my Solar System under a Warranty?

We’re responsible for the system’s operation, maintenance, repairs, and monitoring.

How long will my Solar Energy plan last?

Our Solar energy plans are a 20 year commitment to solar-powered living and locked-in rates for solar energy.

Why do you need to know my current energy consumption?

Your historical energy consumption helps us customize a solar solution that matches your lifestyle, current and future. We can accurately built your Solar System customized to give you optimum production for your current and future needs.

What happens when my solar energy plan ends?

Your solar energy plan lasts 20 years. At the end of the agreement, you can choose to renew your lease, purchase it outright or have the system removed from your house.

What if my system generates more electricity than I use?

Depending on your utility, you may get a credit for this excess production. The additional electricity your system produces flows back into the grid and runs your meter backwards, earning you credits. Then, when it’s dark, you draw electricity back from the grid.

What happens if I sale my house?

You solar plan can easily be transferred to the new owner if qualified, or you can add the value of the Solar Systems to the purchase price of the house when you sale.