Save Water.  Save Money.  Save Time

Everyone needs to conserve water, and your landscape typically uses the most water in your house.  So if you could cut that usage up to 50%, why wouldn’t you?

Trying to manually adjust watering for 16, 8, or even 4 zones is time consuming and very inefficient.  Each zone needs different amounts of water at different times.  Most of us just don’t have the time or understanding on how to do this without killing our yard.  The Skydrop Controller does it all for you.

sprinkler-head1 water-level1

Skydrop is not just a sprinkler timer, it’s the Premier Water Conservation Controller

Annually, U.S. residents waste over two and a half billion gallons of water in their yards; water that isn’t making yards healthier or greener.  The Skydrop Controller maximizes water conservation and is the long-term solution to avoid over-watering, or watering when you don’t have to.

Don’t be ashamed to have a green lawn.  Cut that water use up to 50%, pay less money, and keep your lawn healthy and happy.