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Customers have a choice and deserve to have the best quality service and updated technology, we at eHome Solutions are the answer.  We have dedicated, knowledgeable staff with years of Solar experience and pride ourselves in being partnered with the top Solar Company in the industry.  Our customer service staff will guide and update our clients through the design process, installation timeline and will be glad to follow up on all their questions regarding their system.  We are here to Serve You!


Installation & Support

At eHome Solutions we realize that numerous business, agricultural as well as public buildings have high expenses, and therefore we enable you to make use of your existing huge roof space to neutralize the costs and also improve your power supply. Along with offering a complete support at each and every stage of the installation method, we make sure that we provide the best support and maintenance for your solar energy.

To get the most out of your system, we offer scheduled and also reactive maintenance which include a remote checking service – so that you can be assured that your scheme will certainly work at ideal effectiveness all through the lifespan.
Regardless of whether it’s creating power production and also payback models, evaluating technologies, evaluating financial options, or perhaps building, maintaining, as well as operating the solar power solution, we bring expertise along with the capability to see your solar energy installation right through to the end.

Our solar energy solutions will help you decrease the valuable time, money and also risk. We provide the best service for our clients.

Go Green

In Case You Are Ready to Go Green, Begin Using Solar Energy

In a globe in which the majority of today’s technology depends greatly upon the utilization of electrical power, you might want to start looking for different ways to offer energy to your house or business. Due to the weighty reliance on electricity, the costs for its utilize are increasing at an alarming rate. If you wish to be a little more greener and save money, you should think about making use of solar energy as a power source.

Solar energy is among the world’s most reliable energies. Each day with no failure, you will get to notice the sun rise and also appreciate the light as well as warmness that it offers to the environment. The most exciting part is that since this method to obtain power is available beyond our grasp, it cannot be taxed or perhaps managed by electricity regulators. This indicates it is actually free of charge to generate and utilize solar energy. When it is harnessed properly, this power source are able to do the similar features as electrical power can. If you decide to benefit from the sun’s energy and also begin taking pleasure in a few of the benefits having your home equipment and business powered by solar energy, you have to find a solar power product which will assist you to capture it as well as use it. If your actual primary time of operations is at the time of the daytime, then you can certainly notice a good deal of savings on your power bills.

Based on your location, you might have restricted choices if this is not something which very popular in your area. Additionally in the event you reside where there is certainly a restricted amount of sunlight, you might think that you cannot take advantage of using the sun as a source of power. It does not matter just how much sunlight you receive, any little is sufficient to be used to decrease your energy expenditures. You can utilize the sun to heat as well as power your house on the sunny days and also on days where it is raining or just cloudy.

Effectiveness of solar power panels: One of the greatest benefits of utilizing Home Solar Panel System is that they will be used anywhere and anytime. You can utilize the solar power for different electrical requirements. They may be easily adaptable to different weather condition and the latest panel models are wonderful enough to function effectively without directly facing south, as well as there are actually certain panels that could actually produce electrical power under cloud cover. No matter the kind of property you have, home solar power panel system is probably the most useful ways to supply electrical power to your family.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Are you currently bothered by the costly power bills that invest your monthly fees out of control? There is no need to worry too much anymore simply because you are now able to reduce power bills by acquiring a home solar power panel system set up in your home. Solar power is without doubt the most reliable and also abundant method to obtain power in the world.

The greatest benefit of utilizing home solar power panel method is that they can be set up everywhere, no matter the place and region. Solar power do not need to be removed from any source nor should you transport it from one destination to another. Provided that there is sunlight, you are going to have a consistent supply of solar energy.

Solar power comes in different forms and making use of home solar power panel system to obtain solar energy for household use is among its numerous uses. There are many additional methods available to generate the solar power. The photovoltaic modules are quickly becoming widely used due to the increased effectiveness as well as convenience. Currently, they are definitely the most convenient way available to collect sun light and also transform it into solar power.

PV modules are actually referred to as solar panels and they can be purchased in a wide range of dimensions as well as different types. The home solar panel product is used as an effective electrical power solution for several functions such as the commercial, as well as home solar power systems.

Advantages of Home Solar Panel System

The private homeowners are quickly discovering the advantages of home solar power panel system to the environment. It gives a simple and also useful solution to enjoy life off the grid, therefore home owners are actually considering setting up a grid-tied home solar power panel system to reduce the power bills. Commercial constructing owners additionally choose the solar power panels as a bid to decrease their carbon emissions.

Environmentally friendly homes: Whenever you set up home solar power panel method in your home area, it would be environmental friendly, therefore you have the ability to make use of the natural resources to produce electrical power for your home. Hence, you ultimately choose the green way of living by counting on the renewable power sources with no anxiety about costly power bills or perhaps being concerned about the solar power wiping out.

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